Catch the magic of the moment...

I want wedding day photos

I come quietly

Wedding day morning is the most silent. All the excitement. Sometimes a bit of nervousness, sometimes deep calmness. Certainty, that everything is as it should be and your steps have gone the right way. Silence before the storm. In a couple of hours everyone will be here – friends, grandparents, uncles. But not for now. Now it is just us – I have a camera on my neck and your shining eyes are telling a story about the most beautiful wedding day.

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Petr & Bára

Mountain Adventure in Krkonoše

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Kuba & Bára

Autumn wedding in the bushes of Jeseníky

I’ll stay with you

Regardless if we will be dancing swing around or your wedding is much slower, we will be together and you will like it. I will be close to you and catch everything important. Silently, with a feeli for the moment. I can intervene, if necessary. But for most time you will not even know about me. The more surprising it will be, what you will find at the photos.

Wedding packages

Malý svatební balíček

Small wedding package

Bride preparation, ceremony, group photos, newly-wed portraits, lunch, cake eating (roughly 6,5 hours of photo shooting).

Velký svatební balíček

Big wedding package

Bride preparation, ceremony, group photos, newly-wed portraits, lunch, cake eating, newly-weds dance, evening party (roughly 10 hours of photo shooting).

Price of wedding packages upon requests – contact me on a phone or use a contact form. If you have different idea of your wedding day, let me know and we will agree individually. For every package I charge 0.2 EUR per km for transportation, if the wedding is taking place outside Olomoucky region.

What is the regular procedure?

We start with a coffee. We will meet a bit, we will see if we feel OK talking to each other and if we share the same vision of photo shooting of the wedding day. Prepare everything you would like to know and ask.

The next time we meet, it will your big day. And we will make it memorable.

For the third time we will meet either in person, or indirectly, in the moment when I hand you back the photo set on a USB stick. I don’t limit the number of photographies, so you will get a really lot of them - let’s make it memorable!