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I want sport event photos

Whatever happens, I am with you

Whether you are climbing to a glacial peak, paddle to the other side of the fjord, wade through swamps or stand at the foot of the rock, I am there. Over and over again we are going to places where no one would even think of going. You are bringing home unforgetable experience and I am bringing a loads of data. You will always find your memories in my photo series.

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Patagonian Expedition Race 2016

Adventure at the end of the world

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SPINE Race 2017


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Andorra Ultra Trail 2017

Touch of euphoria

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European Champs in Skyrunning, Val d’Isere 2015

To the glacier and back again

To tell your story

Imagine a cold misty morning at the coast of a fjord. On the other side of the fjord is a mountain covered with a glacier that is falling all the way to the sea level. There are racers everywhere entering kayaks. Suddenly the sun is rising and its warm rays shine through the fog at the exact time when the kayaks set on the water. Now ask yourself – who could you share this story with if you had no photographer to catch this?