Why do I do photography?

For me photography is a way to capture fleeting moments, that come to our life and then disappear in time. It is the aspiration to catch them, keep them and share with others. Experience of beauty, that can be reminded. Ability to express yourself and grow, create. And make people around happy.

Why you should choose me?

If you become my client, for me you will always be at the first place. I will do my best to make everything happening as you wish and you get the best photographic outputs. This goes together with the fact that I am always punctual and on time. I have everything I need to make a great photo. And I will not bother you later with unnecessary worries. At the same time I do not disturb the ceremony or sport event.

Why I shoot weddings and sports?

Even though it may look strange, for me, these two fields connect what I like most in my life. Close and sincere contact with people, sharing experience and staying outdoors.


Wedding is a ceremony for many people and it has a standardized course of action. For me it is mostly about people that meet together and mutual feeling they cherish. I perceive wedding day as a story of two loving partners, who have decided to make a decisive step forward on their shared journey and celebrate their love with those closest to them. I like being part of it. And share these beautiful emotions with them.


Equally strong emotions are connected with sports. Especially in the field of ultra-endurance sports, which is my main field of expertise. People toeing start line of an event taking several days finish are right at the place they want to be. And even though sometimes they do not make the finish line, but they are happy as they know they have given it everything. I like to be in their company and I like to photo them in contact with nature, mountain and elements.